Friday, July 5, 2013

Ironman Race Week

The #1 question I get asked race week is if I sleep much the night before an Ironman. The answer is yes. I used to get nervous and not be able to sleep, but over the years this has gone away.

The week leading into Ironman is a mix of training and resting. I don't always feel great. I trust that on race day things will work because I know I have put in the hard training. And on the days that things do not work, I usually learn the most.

I frequently race in places I have never visited before. Therefore, race week includes some sightseeing - usually on bike rides or from a train or car. When not training I try to keep my feet up, but I'm not overly obsessive about it. I am currently in Germany - I may not get a lot of opportunities in my life to visit this country again, so I enjoy seeing it when I can!
I often get asked if I get nervous. The answer is yes - and for those of you who get nervous before a race - it's a good sign because it means you care. I think a lot about the people who have helped get me on the start line, and I really want to succeed - not only for myself, but for these people. They include: my parents, sponsors, friends, training partners, my boyfriend, homestays, my coach, etc. When I have a great race I know I put the work in and I am the one who made it happen - but all of these people played a role as well, so much so that I often race faster because of this support network.

Visualize it. If you can't see yourself accomplishing what you want to accomplish - it isn't going to happen.

Live. Eat ice cream. Be with friends. Don't become a hermit race week because you are so concerned about trying to control everything around you. Be smart, but have fun.

For most people I talk with absolutely nothing in their life will change if they race one hour faster or slower than they planned. Sure, they might get a Kona slot or be disappointed, but in the big picture of life, nothing becomes drastically different. Remember this.

And when it is time to race - go fast and have fun. You trained hard - make it hurt, dig deep, but don't forget to smile. Nobody is forcing you to race an Ironman.


Beth said...

Such a great perspective, have a great time and a great race!


Cheers! ein Bier bitte!!

David Jewell said...

I love that city. Have a great race!

Kiet said...

And don't forget to make a wager, top 5, and I buy you a plane ticket to stay at the Kona Room in SF.

JC said...

Go get it Chica. Cheering for you from Canada

solarpowered said...

Such a great post. :)
Have a great time racing!!

lectiealtman said...

What a great's the little stuff, remember to enjoy it all. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes we get caught up in all the things that go wrong that we forget about all the great things!

Robin said...

Finally catching up on your blog. Excellent message. When I get fired up about something sports related, my boyfriend likes to remind me that I still have to go to work on Monday. Relax and have fun. :)